Meant to be Broken

Like the shooting stars above us

We were meant to burn and fall

We’re not meant to call it treas’nous

When love betrays us all

For how could we denounce the act

Of killing what is sentenced to die?

It is our mortal artifact

Yet we’ve been sold a lie

We’ve been taught to live for wellbeing

That we’re meant to be free of pain

If we pray to the All-Seeing

We’ll escape this blood-spattered stain

It’s the prettiest falsehood spoken

For our pain is what makes us real

We were always meant to be broken

But, darling, we were always meant to heal



5 thoughts on “Meant to be Broken

  1. Hmm. The more I read this poem, the more I disagree with its sentiments. Lots of lies floating around these days. And what I find is people have become so comfortable with their lies and so fearful of the truth, that a person could justify being a bully or murderer, telling themselves the same sentiments of this poem. Everybody is slated to die and who is to say when they die? Sometimes its at the hands, expense, or entertainment of another. Meant to be broken? Who is given the occupation of breaking another and why should they lie to themselves about how someone had to do it? Life is hard enough without people justifying having to be cold.

    Sometimes when people are broken, they never come back and that’s important to realize. Your poem is a justification for why a horse must be broken when in fact a horse does not need anything and could have been left alone and would have been better off without the pain of being broken to no end. Sorry for not agreeing with your art piece, but I can understand where you are coming from, but I’m tired of reading about lies and justification for breaking people. Breaking a persons innate character is a type of murder. Your poem at least is thought provoking and that’s important. I’m not sure being numb is the same as healing. Healing. Being broken and healing, even these are subjective and a persons strength is lost. Life gives us death and dealing with death is hard enough, people should aim to be nice and nothing more — just a dream


    1. I appreciate your perspective, even though it’s different from mine. And I’m glad that my work prompted you to think deeply about the issue of human pain – if nothing else, that makes me happy. The thing that I was trying to portray with this poem is that there is pain in life no matter what, our hearts are broken whether we like it or not. Should it be happening? I’m not one to answer that question. I’d love it if it didn’t. But I know one thing: it happens with or without our approval. I’m not making excuses for the awful things that people do to one another. I’m just stating the fact that we live in a broken world. So what if we look at the pain/brokenness as something not to necessarily avoid (because we really can’t avoid it) but to learn from, heal from, grow from. In other words, we need to persevere. And I think that should be our focus. To heal and become better because of our scars. If we become better, we will cease to perpetuate the very pain that caused us to break in the first place. We will be kinder to one another because we see everyone is just struggling to cope and heal. I hope this explanation gives a little more insight to my reasons for writing this poem.


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