Deserted Dreams

I followed my dreams to the dessert

Where the muse was too thirsty to speak

Where I found the dehydrated expert

Alone, exhausted, and weak

I realized I needed more water

And so I set off to the sea

Through fiery sands I wandered

Until storming waves swallowed me

On the ocean I sought my ambitions

Hoping it’d quench all my thirst

Only to realize my visions

By the sea were too deeply submersed

Surviving the shipwreck, I traded

My dreams to the pirates for land

They left me and easily faded

Marooned on a lonely island

And now once again I am burning

My will and my muse have lost strength

Why did I follow such yearning?

And travel this terrible length?

The temptress of fortune and glory

Possessed me to think I can’t fail

But now all that’s left of my story

Are traces of a half-written tale

I followed my dreams to the dessert

And all I have left is a pen

I’ll finish my life on this paper

Then bottle it and let the sea have it again


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