How Are You, God?

Tell me, God, how are you? Do many people ask?

What is this moment bringing? What is your current task?

Does anyone remember, to see how your ‘now’ is?

How many people pray, to not to pray for bliss?

Does anyone invite you, on a rendezvous of souls?

Where no one asks for something, where silence is the goal?

I can imagine what your world must now ahold

What novas you awaken, what planets you unfold

What angel you must council, is Gabriel of those?

Who pleas and pleas for something, till you undo his woes?

And what about the demons that you must now assuage?

Do they beg less than humans? Perhaps that comes with age.

Perhaps you’ve quelled a riot, of beings yet unknown

Or lit a revolution, in some forgotten zone

Or maybe in the belly, of the darkest galaxy

You paint a dance of colors, a nebula’s decree

How many deaths you witness, while I sit and write these words?

How many lives created. How many loves unfurled?

Your day must be a full one, for time is yours to wield

So in my daily praying, my begging I shall yield

I thank you for your greatness, and thus my prayers I quench

And if you have the time, come join me on this bench

Viktoria Nikola

2 responses to “How Are You, God?”

  1. I love and miss your earlier work! I’m really, REALLY, enjoying your blog. I am your biggest fan :))) Keep on writing, Love!


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