What’s in a Dream

I’ve waited for you waterfalls, I’ve longed to hear your voice

Your roaring thrilling love poems, your deaf’ning stirring noise

I’ve waited for you mountains, I’ve yearned to feel that breeze

That medal of your zenith, that zephyr of your tease

I’ve waited for you jungles, I’ve longed to venture through

Those spellbound coiled pathways, those verdant lavish hues

I’ve waited for you oceans, to take me far away

Cocoon me in your journeys, awake me with your spray

I’ve waited for adventures, savannahs, mounts of snow

Safaris, canyons, ice bergs, a rushing river’s flow

I’ve longed to feel the soaring, of the tallest redwood pines

To feel the thrill of swinging from timely vine to vine

I’ve waited for you kindly, I’ve dreamt of only you

Not seeing my surrounding – the modest, simple truth

I’m not on rushing waters; I see a humbler view

A quiet stream aholds me, in a just as meek canoe

No epic haunting soundtrack, no growing climaxed plot

No melodramas, heartbreaks, no loud exciting lot

There’s simply me, my presence, my mind, my heart, my soul

And then sometimes a chirping, of a blue jays heartened drawl

The trees that stand around me as I slowly drift on by

Are not as green as jungles, are not as tall as pines

But in their leaves are details that I didn’t seem to see

In all my restless dreamings, in all my passioned glee

The sun is brightly shining, veiling the path ahead

But his rays are warm and cozy, so I lie down instead

And there the azure greets me, with a smile that stretches on

And I feel safe and stable, in a humble wooden palm

True, these aren’t my mountains, my canyons, waterfalls

But I can’t betray this beauty, its vivid silent calls

And though my heart is grieving, for the lost could-be

I breathe this moment in, and shed the last should-be

Viktoria Nikola


4 thoughts on “What’s in a Dream

  1. Great Victoria,
    You dream of all beauty far away until you suddenly realise the beauty of nature around you.
    How often do we humans not do that?
    Wonderful reminder to open our eyes and see the joy.

    Liked by 1 person

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