The Toast

To all the moments of sheer beauty

To all the breaths we’ve held in awe

To all the words of all the stories

We heard as youths our jaws ajar

To all the hues of every vista

To all the petals of perfume

To every stem an ant has conquered

To every plant that ever bloomed

To all the faith of arms outstretching

To all the trust in every truth

To all the gusts in every glory

To every heart that’s loved anew

To every note of every concert

Or every tone of every song

To all the chords of all the voices

Who shouted louder than a wrong

To all the waves of all the changes

And all the waters of stern seas

To every mind that wandered strangely

Towards darkened depths, yet let it be

To all the tears of joyous smiles

To all the hope of days to pass

To every star in every trial

That led us through our daunting past

To all of you, oh treasured presents,

I toast a drink of bubbly whim

Continue to defy our limits

Let’s fly upon your wings of vim

Viktoria Nikola


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