Ode to the Sea

If only I could hug the sea, 

The way it holds me lovingly

To kiss its cheeks as sailboats do 

Those freckling flirts on blue green hues

To blanket it, its callous waves 

With passioned heat of love-sick rays

To tuck it in with twinkling lights

The diamond cloth of kings and knights

Inspire it - the wise wind's game 

A lovers trick, caress its mane

If only I could write a poem 

As worthy as its lacing foam

But words are futile this task amiss

Such lines I seal with a meek kiss

Viktoria Nikola

8 thoughts on “Ode to the Sea

  1. Victoria, you have written a very beautiful poem to the sea.
    It is difficult to get all the emotions in one poem so maybe it takes several poems from different angles. 💕
    I have written about the sea and have one on the go again but never feel satisfied. Maybe
    that is how it should be, we can but sing our best song.

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