The Human Moment

This moment is now fleeting, though aching for its life

It’s pulsing to its death bed, surrendering its blithe

A bitter-sweet conclusion to a severed fairy-tale

This moment we are living, our truth within unveiled

Tis like maestro’s playing his concert’s final note

The heartache in the silence before the verdict spoke

A glance exchanged by lovers before their last good-bye

Their eyes, in mind, immortal, but in time that instant dies

The last remaining ornament taken off the tree

The final gaze upon the coffin after the last eulogy

The closing of the eyelids before a long awaited kiss

The tremb’ling lips first contact before their parted bliss

Our lives are made of minutes that tear us at our core

Remind us we are mortal, we’ll face that closing door

One day that final minute will come – our final breath

And we shall realize every instant is living through its death

This moment is now fleeting, though longing to survive

It’s yearning to outlive its temporary life

And yet, despite its dimming, it burns with unmatched might

One hundred years of passion…

And then it yields to night

Viktoria Nikola

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