The Heavens Above Us

In the heavens up above us, in the darkest of their dark

Where the gleaming iridescents shine above their common spark

Where the silence thickens deeply, and the space has densed the more

There, a stone while gliding slowly, held two friends upon its floor


Long ago these souls acquainted, before time itself began

In the beauty of an iris that ignited their life span

Now afloat and sitting calmly, they gazed off into the night

In their view, there twirled many, but they focused on one sight


There, amongst the many buoys, drifted one specific sphere

Gleaming lightly like a crystal, fragile, blue, a fallen tear

Earth entranced these ageless spirits, seized their hearts with sympathy

As they looked into the stillness, sadness roamed within them, free


“Gabrius,” spoke Mithrael, vibrant lights played off his voice

“We have fought together nobly, learning lessons, gaining choice

Witnessing the varied cent’ries, we’ve become the souls we are

But we never perceived change in this gloomy fallen star.”


And the other nodded glumly, reminiscing of the days

When he wandered as a soldier upon earth’s forgotten maze

Where he thirst and where he hungered, where he longed to find the cure

To humanities’ enslavement, to carnalities’ false lure


In that moment’s recollection, memories played out in scenes

With the cosmos as the backdrop, with the darkness as the screen

Vivid eons flashed before them, painting visions in the sky

Prophesies that were delivered, promises that went awry


As the pictures began dimming, tender embers lingered on

Sighing softly and arising, the two souls erased the drawn

Not regret was at their doorstep, much too wise were these two hearts

But the ache of needed lessons and the woe that played its part


“Mithrael,” spoke Gabrius. “It is time for light to come,”

“Let us go and help the needy, in this distraught global slum,

For tis true no change has happened, yet we know it must be thus

Let us be the serving spirits that our earthly paupers trust.”


And the two companioned beings soared off to that tiny dot

Through the light-years of the cosmos, through the universal lot

Leaving there the heavy silence and fluxed celestial glare

Hurried off to guide their soul mates, still asleep and unaware


Viktoriya Neverov-Krstic

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