On the mounds of burning rubble, where the air is thick with smoke

Where I stand upon the scorching embers of charred floorboard oak

Where I flailed in searing torture, where I screamed, by torment caved

Where I died and resurrected, where I rose up on my grave

I stand tall upon these ashes, gazing at the dawning sky

Where the clouds still coil in smolder round the firebirds up high

Through my pain, I hadn’t realized, into wings, my tears had rolled

Into songs that hint at wisdom, my pained screams of death did mold

Into glowing mythic feathers, my dull skin released its hue

Into stirring lively soarings, my dim walking blazed anew

Into magic, into mystic, through the alchemy of fire

I transformed my mundane being, though I wished it weren’t so dire

Now I fly the way I couldn’t, Now I see past what I had

I’ve expanded through the ravine, through a journey anguish-clad

And I’ve risen to the heavens, where the sunshine weaves my home

Where in joy,  in light, in laughter, I can freely rest and roam 

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